Bitcoin Misery Index Chart

9 Mar 2018.

The last four times Fundstrat's framework for measuring investor sentiment, the Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI), was this low — September 2011,

12 Mar 2018.

Bitcoin strategist Tom Lee has created the Bitcoin Misery Index – a guide.

That being said both the RSI, the top portion of the graph below, and.

12 Apr 2019.

The Bitcoin Misery Index reached 89 on 4/2. Highest reading since June 2016. Means good and bad. Good–> Since 2011, BMI >67 only seen.

Bitcoin: misery and rewards. Two charts.15 May 2018.

Unlike technical charts which strictly rely on a set of rules and hard.

The Bitcoin Misery Index is essentially a contrarian indicator (most.

22 Apr 2019.

Popular cryptocurrency pundit and Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Tom Lee issued an update on his “Bitcoin Misery Index” in an interview.

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